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Suggestion for a good CDN

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I use keyCDN. I've also been using Cloudfront. 

If you're using S3 for storage, cloudfront is an obvious choice. If you're after a pull based CDN, keyCDN works. They do have a quirky minimum price, annually it's 48usd or something about that. I never use it all up between that, cloudflare & cloudfront 😉





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I like to use free Cloudflare and Wasabi cloud 🙂

Wasabi cloud is very cheap and fast .... Around 5$ per 1TB per month of files hosting there and unlimited traffic.

Wasabi is a partner to Cloudflare and all traffic is free.

So Cloudflare get the static contents from Wasabi and serve to the users so the server has nothing to do with the static files.

Less work more resources for other things 🙂

Wasabi is compatible with Amazon S3 commands so you just need to use at the admin panel of IPB the Amazon option and it will work 🙂

A lot of my clients move from Amazon S3 to Wasabi cloud with no issues and they save a lot of money 🙂

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Very happy with Cloudflare, Cloudfront and S3 myself. Wasabi seems to have a good reputation but I've not used it personally.

Cloudflare's Argo feature is very effective too but disappointed that you have to pay for it per site and not for once for all sites on the same account or say up to 3 sites. AWS Cloudfront  has a similar tiered networking routing service too.

If you dig into the documentation of Cloudflare you realise to be careful enabling some features and in page rules, like email obfuscation and automatic https rewrites, they can impact your caching levels without you realising.

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Make sure you evaluate the Total Cost of bandwidth transfers, especially if you're saving files to Amazon S3.  

I was using a discounted CDN called Beluga CDN because their price per GB was cheaper.  However, I didn't take into account the cost for Amazon S3 to transfer externally.  If you use Amazon Cloudfront instead, you have free internal transfers and only charged for the outbound bandwidth from Cloudfront.  

It turns out Amazon S3 + Amazon Cloudfront was cheaper than trying to do Amazon S3 + external charges for bandwidth from S3 + Discount CDN. 

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