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Impossible to login or register


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Following a migration of the site, everything went well (well transferred database, change urls for uploads and datastore files, the chmods are correct) but here is impossible to connect. For login the popup window opens well but then it points to the file / login or when I try to register, it points to the registered file, but since there is not it put me an error page 404. I do not know where the problem came from, if a charitable soul could enlighten me, I thank you for it.

I want to point out that I can connect to the admin panel.

http://last-warriors.fr IPB v 4.4.2

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Works fine, so sort out your friendly URL configuration.

Just now, Adlago said:

It looks like old or missing templates in a theme.
Check out a default IPS theme.
You can also clear the cache of a site. / use menu support -.Something isn't working correctly /

Jeebus h Christ....ask him to hit it with a sledgehammer too, maybe?

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9 hours ago, Adlago said:

Do you see forums or other APP?

No, because his site is restricted to not allow guests to view it.


Discover at  http://last-warriors.fr/discover = no work at the friendly url

Discover at http://last-warriors.fr/index.php?discover = hmmm, works fine at the non-friendly url (and there is no permission for guests either)

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So to clarify, I went from OVH to IONOS (1 & 1), the present theme is the default theme precisely. Ok, I just rectified, actually in the tutorials it was not mentioned. Thank you very much for your role as lighthouse, I just put the .htacces file to the root as stated in System> System Settings> System> Search Engine Optimization> Friendly URL Features and flawless it works! subject closed

18 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:


Fonctionne bien, alors définissez votre configuration d'URL conviviale.

Jeebus h Christ .... demandez-lui de frapper avec une masse, peut-être aussi?

Hum for the mass, would not it be better to call thor? ^^

Again a big thank you guys !

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