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Problems with site migration


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Am moving my community to a cloud server with a LAMP setup

After some back and forth with support, they recommended a recursive application of 755 and 644 to all folders and files respectively, however when trying to upgrade an already installed application got an error indicating a specific file should be 777 instead of 644 in order to make the necessary changes

They recommended a recursive CHMOD 777 on /applications and /plugins but even with this applied I am unable to install or upgrade any Applications due to permission issues

Has anyone had an issue like this?

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17 minutes ago, SJ77 said:

Check file owner

Check my post here


That’s exactly the issue I’m seeing! Thanks for putting me on the right track 

To make sure I’m understanding this, those words are variables in the command? 

chown -R <owner>(a username):<group> (a group) directory (the directory) 

So the actual command would look something like?

chown -R serveruser:sudo /applications 

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