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How Many Profile Tabs

Fierce God

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Wondering about Profile Tabs count

How many profile tabs can be shown on profile page before either cut off, doesnt show anymore, or possible errors? or possible start of new row


I ask this cause it seems that a lot of major third party apps have the tab in it to display on profiles, and we plan on asking for custom mods to be for tabs on apps don't have this

IMO - I like this, and think it's great, and hoping that it will start a new row of tabs? this helps to not clutter the menu


screenshot of why i ask this.....thinking that i am missing a tab or two (2 files call for a tab in profile and i don't see them)



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7 minutes ago, Mr. Fierce God said:

Thank you @Adriano Faria 

i see in your thumbs that you have 9 showing

so i am to assume that as of right now i can have more in the tabs.........and obviously i need to look at my apps as to which ones actually show profile tabs


Your file is much appreciated, and will come in handy!!! Thank you

Yes, you can show 1, 3, 10... up to you. 👍

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