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Gallery Suggestions


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  • Favorite or "Add to Favorite" button that saves/bookmarks the image inside of a private album for the member.
  • Improve the lightbox for mobile as it lags severely when an image has multiple comments. 
  • Add an option in the upload wizard to allow members to upload their own watermark. If not set, the default watermark will be used if set.
  • Option to show album categories as albums or links in a sidebar with the new images collage showing in the main space.
  • Ability to mark an image as mature/nsfw with an account or profile setting members can set to view or hide images marked mature.
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Bumping this.  The second suggestion is severely needed as over a year later, we're still experiencing the issue both on our live website and test website.  When someone scrolls to read comments on a gallery image via the lightbox, it lags, and I've seen other clients complain about this issue in the past.

I posted a video of evidence in this topic:


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