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Post Feed Block Permissions Concern

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I have a post feed block configured to display content from only selected Forums. This works well and keeps admin chat (in private areas) out of the feed block (even if members without permission wouldn't see it anyway). I've recently been looking at configuring the feed so that general content that isn't available to Guests shows up in the Post Feed, as an incentive for them to register.

However, if I disable the 'Honor permissions' toggle, within the Post Feed block editor, then everything recent, from every Forum is displayed within the feed to Guests, even from Forums that are not on the selection list and should be private.

That means that the posts from the Admin area (which aren't visible to none admins) show up in the post feed for guests.

Is this how it is meant to work, with the 'honor permissions' toggle overriding the Forum list, or is this possibly an issue?

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Having submitted a ticket, it seems that this is working as intended:


Hello,  This is proper, if you tell it not to honor permissions it won't. 

I still feel that this is debatable, given that it completely overrides the specific Forums selected in the whitelist and displays all new posts from everywhere. This is definitely counter intuitive. To have the ability to override the Forum whitelist OR everything (by selecting the 'all' checkbox) would greatly enhance the functionality.

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If you are saying that you have honor permissions disabled, have only selected certain forums and the widget is showing topics from other forums, not selected, then yes, that is a bug. 

As mentioned, an issue related to this was fixed last week. I'll take a look at your ticket and ensure it was applied when you updated.

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