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How to update hidden topics and posts cache?

Adriano Faria

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A client with a big DB updated this weekend from 3.4.9 and had 19,000 topics/posts hidden. So it shows in all forums:


Happens that they couldn't make it ONE BY ONE on ModeratorCP or clicking in the links above (yellow). Several forums had 500 topics, 2000 posts, etc. A huge and annoying job.

So I deleted, by their request, all posts queued = 1. Good... And they deleted via framework the topics, which was faster and easier.

But when they click on that number of hidden posts in a topic, an error is displayed because queued posts were deleted:


Ok, so how do I update that cache (or something) to remove that counter from forums as there are no hidden items anymore?

Already ran the support tool and didn't clean it.


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