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Game stats/Platform stats (Paying)

Fierce God

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I really don't feel like msg'ing every 3rd party dev


so will post this here

We are looking for a Dev to make us a app/plugin that will pull either one of these below....or if possible both

  • Game stats from hand picked games or list of games that the app has ability to pull in
  • or Player stats from Xbox, Steam, Playstation, Switch


We would like for this to be able to be pulled in and shown on profile....but if not maybe make it integrate with making a "Game/Platform" Club and in that club the stats will be pulled in when member links platform or game


yes we know about the steam plugin, but that's just steam

we want it all together in one app

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As the author of the Steam Integration, there’s a reason apps don’t yet exist for other platforms. There isn’t a solid, reliable, API yet available, or the API that is available is a pay per use 3rd party service. 

Best of luck. 



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i know there is reliable API's available as there is a website already doing this (as their main focus point) 

maybe not for IPS coding, but it is out there, i just need someone to search for it

i can and will edit this post when i find the "Famous" website that is already doing just what i am talking about


i will admit,  i may be misunderstanding you?


but for anyone else that would actually like to look into this, plz let me know, 


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I don't understand where your hostile response is coming from... 

While I'll admit my post may not have been helpful, it is factual. I didn't say there weren't reliable API's, I said those that are reliable are a pay per use 3rd party service. 

Again, no malice intended, best of luck. 

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