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Upgrade plugins/apps before or after 4.3-4.4?

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You should either:

1. Update them beforehand and proceed with the upgrade. 

2. Disable all and then update.  

I personally did #2 because I wanted to turn on each third party mod on it's own, refresh the site, and see if everything would work.  That would allow me to isolate the problem, but to be honest everything is very stable at this point so you should be in good hands.  

Good luck on the update! Make sure to review your settings for things like group color, post before register, and commerce settings.  

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Yeah this is a difficult one to give an universal answer to. A third party application could in theory be updated and only support the newer version, so if you update it before updating the community it may no longer work (or it could even through errors during the upgrade process). That said, most application developers support 2 or sometimes even 3 major versions of our software with their application, so it's usually not an issue in practice.

I've used both approaches myself. I wouldn't typically sweat over it too much - if you have a suite upgrade and you're going to complete it, and you're upgrading your third party addons at the same time, then you're going to be performing the upgrades within a few minutes of each other in most cases and so you probably won't really have much difference in outcome either way at the end of the day.

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