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Tell me about clubs

Square Wheels

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Congrats on all the posts! Sounds like you're doing very well.  

Don't feel pressured to use clubs unless you can see a strategic need for it.  There are different types of clubs like read only, private, public, open, and closed.  

In general, they can used to:

- offer an controlled expansion from your main community where you'd like 

- offer an information resource

- offer a private place for discussion

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Hmm, for this particular site, I think it would not make sense.  They like all posts in one place.  I have another site where they only want to use the blog feature.  Then my original site only has about 75000 posts, even though it's 15 years old.  It's full of great info for people, and many of them are computer challenged, so they'd get lost with all the options.

Sounds like it might be useful for a huge site with lots of members.

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You can allow club content to appear in the community. For example, the club forums can still appear on the forum index.  

In general, you shouldn't try to add features unless it makes sense and clubs will definitely be one of the more complex additions.  

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