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Search in ACP a known bug?


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Another change I didn’t like is the member field (or even the ACP search): before you could search for any piece of the member name. You can’t do it now. 

Example: doe used to return John Doe and anything starting with doe. Now you need to type john to get a list of users starting with john and probably will have to type doe to get to the right user.

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#1 The change you're talking about wouldn't have anything to do with member ID

#2 We have already changed the behavior so that %string% is used if you have less than 1M member records

	 * @brief	Cutoff to start doing LIKE 'string%' instead of LIKE '%string%'
	protected $inlineSearchCutoff	= 1000000;

So....those posts are not factually accurate at this time, and I would encourage the OP to submit a ticket if you're having trouble with live searches.

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