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Don't know if this has been suggested before, but a way for members to be able to send funds to other members via their account credit balance would be appreciated.  I am assuming this is possible since there are third party apps that allow virtual points and the like to be sent between members.

We have given up on gift cards.  It was already a pain trying to get our members used to buying gift cards as a way of sending money to each other, but now that they've been removed from the store and made into a link, we've decided it's not worth the hassle of explaining anymore.

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I have had people recently asking for something like this, the ability to purchase credit on their account and send it to another account. Presumably this is because they don't want their bank or credit card to get charged past a certain threshold each month.

We're moving to a subscription model. I have no idea how it would be possible if it weren't for IPB's good support of this feature in commerce.

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