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Set account back to "pending"


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just checked the new 4.4 and I'm asking myself why there is still no button to set an account back to pending.

Don't you have the problem that some of the old emails don't exist anymore? In this case we get a mail bounce for every mail notification.

I know that we have apps in the store but from my point of view this should be a standard feature of a community software.

Are there any reasons why IPS doesn't want to include this feature?

Best regards

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There is no such thing as "pending" status in our software. There is an "awaiting validation" status, but this is only used when the user is awaiting validation.

You can edit the user in the AdminCP and click on their notification preferences, and then unsubscribe them from site updates and remove email as their notification preferences for any follows. This will stop the software from emailing the user.

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I just want to force them to change their email address leaving all subscriptions and notificiations activ.

Until he/she did this all notifications should be on hold.

Like the "awaiting validation" status. 😉 

So why not setting them back to exactly this status? The current email is invalid like it might be before first validation.

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We'd very much like to see this as well -- same problem with bad email addresses. 

Yes, admin can turn off all notifications -- but that doesn't prevent the user from logging in and turning them back on, thereby again sending email to a bad email address.

There was an add-on that would set the account back to pending, thus requiring email verification before the user could sign in again, but it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of the software.

Why isn't this a standard feature?

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