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Is there a way to use a Database Category Menu on diff page?


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Did you ever resolve this as it is exactly what I need as well.

I have so many sections that I have grouped some of them together so my main menu item for say "Resources" goes to a Resources page which is the landing page (home page) for 4 different sub sections of my site - for example the Files section, a Tools and Calculators database, a Tutorial database and another database. On my Resources landing page I also have widgets showing the last few entries of each of the different 4 sections to show a taste of each of them. So it would be good to have a category menu block in the right column for each of these database sections and 1 for the Files section as a type of menu for the user to go straight to a category.

Each of the 4 sections do come up as a sub menu of the landing page as well

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