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Thoughts on Admin Notifications for Validating members


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Having recently updated my Forum to the latest version, I'm liking the way that admin notifications are now gathered together in one location, under the little bell icon. However I'd really like to be able to add the validating member alerts to the Dashboard too (where they used to be located). The Dashboard has always been my first port-of-call when accessing the ACP and I think queued members are probably important enough to be allowed the option of being displayed there too, in required.

Further to this, I notice that when you navigate to the notifications page and 'view all notifications', validating members do not display correctly on smaller/mobile devices. The cells are jumbled and cover each other, making them difficult to deal with. This is the only place in the ACP that I've come across a page that wasn't mobile friendly.

An example screen grab is shown below (email and IP hidden to protect the innocent)...


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