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Odd results with setHiddenFilter


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I'm trying to get an approval queue count on the userbar. Part of this involves the following code:

$approvalQueueCount = \IPS\Content\Search\Query::init()->setHiddenFilter( \IPS\Content\Search\Query::HIDDEN_UNAPPROVED )->count();

As I understand it, this should return the number of as-yet unapproved content items and comments. For some reason which I cannot make sense of, this consistently returns a number 2 higher than what's actually in the queue.

I went hunting for phantom unapproved content. It's not status updates or replies. It's not blogs, or Pages databases, or gallery, or club, or anything else I can think of. And anyway, if it was any of those things, it should be appearing in the queue. 

Where's the extra 2 coming from? What code (I'm very much at the edge of my capabilities here) do I need to see what the above code is 'finding'. 

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