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Ezoic & Invision Compatibility

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On 8/21/2019 at 10:25 PM, asigno said:

I set a cookie to certain user groups, Ezoic then don't display ads to those browsers with cookies.

I use GTM to set the cookie on login.

I've recently moved one of my sites over to Ezoic. It was pretty easy through cloudflare. I had to disable some of the JS, CSS and minify settings under LEAP though, because of issues.  For disabling ads to subscriber groups, have you tried setting a meta tag under disable ads by page? Create a meta tag and then wrap it to show only for certain user groups you don't want to show ads to. Create the name and content, something like:

{{if member.inGroup('x')}}
	<meta name="ezoicstopads" content="subscribers" />




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