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upgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.4.2


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After upgrading to latest version of ipb, it runs only admin login, but admin and forum are empty pages.

I've checked ips4.php, and got an error:

Some or all of the columns in your database are not using the utf8_unicode_ci collation (ibf_blog_headers.header_image is utf8_general_ci).

Trying to convert base, but it gives an error 

Error: Unknown column 'blog_view_level' in 'ibf_blog_blogs' File: /system/Db/Db.php Line: 198 

In DB, there is no  such a column: blog_view_level 


no clue what to do next.. 

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ibf_blog_headers is irrelevant and can be dropped - it was a 3.x table not used in 4.x.

There is no blog_view_level column in ibf_blog_blogs, so I'm not sure why the utf8 converter would attempt to it off hand, except maybe the x_utf_* tables still being present and having cached table information from prior to your upgrade to 4.4.


Are you using PHP 7.1+?

Have you checked your PHP and webserver error logs to determine if any errors are being registered? I don't think the original issue you referenced is UTF8-conversion related.

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