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Member reputation - periodic recount ?


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We've seen recently strange behaviors in member reputation, members were complaining about the counts that weren't increasing. Then it seemed to work again. So just to be sure I launched a recount on a few accounts, and saw that the counts were in fact a bit overrated (big ones losed something like 5-10 %). I then launched a global recount, same behavior on most of them, but at last the counts now seem correct.

My question is : how can I plan a periodic recount of reputation (and maybe also contents) ? I don't see a dedicated task in the admin CP, maybe it's already managed by an existing one ?

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This is something most communities don't want to happen, and as such there's no provision to do so. You would need to manually initiate the recount.

Essentially, when something is deleted the user's received reputation count does not decrease unless you recount the member's reputation. Again, this is the behavior most of our clients have requested and desire (in fact, for some communities it is all but imperative to them that reputation counts do not decrease when content is removed, and as such they would never use the recount tool).

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