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How do you delete any and all content


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Hi @ToddKarlen and welcome to Invision Community 🙂  

45 minutes ago, ToddKarlen said:

How do you delete content that you posted in any forum or club?

Do you mean for the user?  They need to be in a membergroup which contains permission to delete.  You can check ACP > Members > Group to add the delete function.  

Do you mean for the moderator?  This is a moderator approval.  

46 minutes ago, ToddKarlen said:

Also how does one delete their membership?

Do you mean from your community?  There's no provided option for users to request that their account is deleted.  This will need to be requested to the admin, and the admin can delete from the ACP.  

There are, however, several options available in the Marketplace for users to delete their account from the front-end.  

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