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Theme changer to menu or bar


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I was visiting Live Leak and noticed what they did with the theme changer option. Appears a better location for this feature because it's in the profile drop down menu and being there seems to make more sense. Even putting it into the user bar after login.

  • Your profile menu already contains the things needed for your personalized user experience.
  • Makes a user experience more personalized by including it their area instead of at the bottom on every page/app
  • Tidys up the apps/pages
  • Quicker access to change a theme by being in a more sensible place.

I also think for those admin that use a light and dark theme they could name one night mode and one day mode and this may get more attention there and solve the dark/light mode issue for manual adjusters instead of auto timed day/night mode. I understand admins can name that now to the suggested above, however, I feel it may get more attention and take off better for that idea in the profile drop down or bar. This part is a hypothetical of course but the 4 mentions above I feel are real reasons to consider making the switch.

Live Leaks example



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