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Some Facebook Login questions like deauthorize?

Black Tiger

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I'm trying to setup the Facebook login for my site. It seems to work, however I'm running into some things which are not mentioned in the howto yet, which might have to do with the GPDR implementation.

1.) Deauthorize Callback URL. Do I need to enter this and if yes, what do I need to fill in there?

2.) Data Deletion requests. I put in the url to the contact form there, because users can contact the admin that way to delete their accounts. Is that correct?

3.) Redirect URI (or URL?) to check. Example https://example.com/oauth.php is given. The only oauth.php I found is at https://www.mydomain.com/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/oauth.php so do I leave this empty or do I need to point to that file, so use that url?

These were all app settings.

Several things were different, also in the account so maybe it's time for a Guide update to this. 😎

Then Account -> Basic settings, that's where the id and secret is. It now contains a GPDR part:

4.) It now contains info for a "Data Protection Officer Contact Information. It say's "requires certain companies doing business in the European Union to designate a Data Protection Officer". But we are no company, just a hobby forum, so we can safely leave this empty?


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I got most of the way through this but stalled at what was needed for the review. I will check my app settings and get back. I need to go back through this to get approved to enable Facebook promotion capabilities. I also noticed there is a Facebook app update... so I imagine I will need to update the FB app again anyway?

My understanding of your point 4 is that even hobby sites need a nominated data protection officer. They can all be the same person for various GDPR requirements, as long as it is a specified person.

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Oh oke, thank you,

As for 4, it is indeed a misunderstanding that GPDR would only apply to businesses. However since Facebook specifically say "company's" I'll just wait until they complaint about it.

We do have separate GPDR pages and there is a contact option for any questions and users need to agree to these to be able to register.

Visitors are pointed to these pages and policies by use of the cookie consent bar.

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