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This was suggested on our forum - so sharing it here - 


I thought we could add a new notification

So when a post you make gets 10 ("good") reactions and becomes like this (at top right): 2032657082_fapopularpostsign.png.3c84a2891e911fe4369e2e2bb4e39354.png   fa popular post sign b.png   (a little extra you get displayed on your post) you could get a notification about it (you dont get as of now, afaik)

When someone likes your post, it appears as: 453717247_cheepheepreactedtoapost.png.bf787cc8491fc8884513f758dac9f68e.png


And when you reach 10 ("good") reactions(/likes) on a post, it could appear like: 1955615574_yourpostisnowpopular.png.31e3d15ec773aa17965a7f82b8c38d80.png in your notifications



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