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ElasticSearch and feed not complet


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Since elastisearch activation, i have problems with members feeds (last content, member content, new content,...) where some topics are not displayed

The topic which are not displayed are in a particular forum who is available with a secondary group only


Member group have no right in the forum id 139

Advanced group have full access to the forum id 139

Some members have the Advanced group on secondary 

They can access to the forum, post content, but when a content is posted, they can't see it on the feeds

I have tried to add the read topic permission to a group, but they can't see content on feeds 

Another related problem ( i don't test it on the 4.4.2 version but it was present in the 4.3.1) , the member can't post to this forum if the create topic / post permission are not present in the primary group (it's a minor problem because i can add this permission without permit the access to the forum ) 


Anybody have the same problem ?

Their is a way to fix it ?


Best regards 

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