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Invision Development Helper (CUI)


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This is the support / feedback topic for the Invision Development Helper (CUI) application.

Please be aware that this is a free development resource. I will do my best to provide support when I can, but please be considerate and patient when it comes to updates. Third party contributions are welcome, please contact me if you would like to contribute (as I do not currently have any official contribution guidelines).

Repository: https://dev.taiga.sh/ips/invision-dev-helper
License:  Mozilla Public License 2.0

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This project has moved to Github.

Please use the updated issues tracker going forward:

This application has actually been stable and functional for a while, from my personal use. The 1.0.0 release does not add anything other than routine package updates.

1.1.0 will add an auto-installer for IPS (aimed primarily to aid in automated testing) and other things.

If you have suggestions, you can again submit them to the issues tracker.

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I kind of lied. It's 2.0.0 now. I like big numbers.

But it has support for an auto-installer.

I will be writing up a guide on how to utilize this with GitHub actions and Codeception to perform automated acceptance tests someday. Maybe.

Possibly throw money my way if you want. That will encourage me to write faster.

Also if you actually use the script and find it useful reviews are appreciated!

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