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Terms of use and the privacy policy improvements


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We are currently working with our attorney on improvements regarding term of use, privacy policy, and other stuff related to GDPR, as we are a European company. And we found 3 improvements that would be great for Invision. I understand from the support that it's the right place to share them, please tell me if I am wrong ;-)


1/ "Link to an external URL" for the "Terms of use", like for the Privacy policy and the guideline


We already have a general "Terms of use" web page for all our corporate websites, and that includes terms for the forum too. Currently, each time our attorney modify it, I have to copy paste in textareas (one for each language).


2/ Like the "privacy" link in the footer, a link to "terms of use".


I currently have to add some html link in the "copyright" field, in the general configuration.


3/ Because of the GDPR, on the "sign in" form, there should be dedicated checkboxes for the terms of use and for the privacy policy


Currently, there is only one checkbox for both, this is an issue regarding GDPR rules.


If you need more details or information, we would enjoy to help :-)

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