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(NE) Add additional Social Profiles

Nathan Explosion

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How about adding the option to, rather than use fontAwesome integration directly, instead you allow us to upload the .svg files instead.
In 95% of all cases people will most likely not require more than 5 different custom icons.

And we cann still download the svg files.
This would help with performance and will also fix the problems with the e-mails.

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I am not going to build functionality in to override the use of Font Awesome on the board itself - it's staying as it currently is.

I've got an update of the plugin which I will be releasing which will tie in with how the emails currently work, which will required manual intervention to upload the icons in PNG format (via FTP), and a minor edit of the email wrapper. Once that is released, I am then going to convert the plugin to an application so that uploads can be done via the application instead (to support those who cannot use FTP)

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