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Allow referral commission for renewals

Tom S.

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This week I've been trying to implement the built in referrals feature from IPS and I just keep coming across limitation after limitation. It begs the question; does any one actually use this...

So, another improvement I would like to suggest is that you add the option to allow referrers to earn commission on renewals of a product and not just the initial sale. 

Sadly, these limitations are stacking up and I may have to go ahead and build my own system 😕 

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Hi Invision,

I'm also trying to set up the referral system in Commerce.

Apparently, it doesn't work on renewals?

That's a big limitation 😥

I've set up my products to have a trial period, by setting the initial price to 0, and then having a renewal price > 0.

So I can't use the referral system at all?

sad doctor who GIF


Is there any plan to improve this?

That would be really great to be able to use referrals on renewals, and also be able to choose for how long the referral will be activated for renewals (for instance 1 year).

Thank you!

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Another vote for this.

I have a low-cost monthly membership option (as well as a more expensive annual option) -- I'd like to be able to give the commission for referrals on the monthly memberships each month (rather than giving them such a tiny commission just based on the 1-month percentage commission -- or giving them too much of a commission at the start if I try to make up for it with one payment (estimating that the referred member sticks around for the year), which would be a good way for me to get burned and lose money).

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