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Show "online" in avatar post


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Hi, I need to show who is online at the avatar in post.

Like this (only a green dot):  973174691_pobrane(8).png.a6615706cfa7c4d26a4fe1422344d42c.png


Here: 90447557_pobrane(9).png.7a43dacd4b453e0d98764f9881692227.png



Which code include?

Maybe this:  {{if $loadedMember->isOnline()}}<i class="fa fa-circle ipsOnlineStatus_online" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="online_now" sprintf="$member->name"}'></i>{{endif}}?

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I installed this plug-in. It seems to work flawlessly and not only does it tell you the online status, it also indicates what kind of device somebody is using. It's brilliant and I recommend it very highly unless you think that reporting what kind of device people are using is too intrusive



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