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Commerce: add a trial feature


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Hi Invision,

Quick suggestion of the day 🤠

In Commerce, that would awesome to add the ability to add trial periods when buying products, especially when these products are subscriptions to a service.

For instance, we could set a trial period for n days or n weeks, or even n months.

I know that currently, we can set the products prices to 0, and then set a renewal with a certain amount.

But the current system has 3 limitations:

- When setting the initial price to 0, we're forced to have a "trial" period that has the same duration as the renewal period. For instance, we can't currently sell a product that renews every month with a trial period of 2 weeks.

- The upgrading / downgrading mechanism currently doesn't work when all the products initial prices are set to 0. The current mechanism looks for the initial prices to determine what upgrade or downgrade is available… So with initial prices set to 0, it is irrelevant.
On the contrary, using a real trial feature would allow to use the current upgrade / downgrade system.

- When buying a product with an initial price set to 0, an invoice is generated, and immediately mark as paid. That is really weird for the user experience.

That trial feature would work a little bit like the current grace period… but in reverse 😎


What do you think of that?

Thank you for your feedback!

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Yes, indeed, this needs to be done somehow. I too wish to hand out trial memberships to various members of my forum but thing is that I've tried many ways to doing it and I always come back to manual setting of VIP group and manually removing after the time passes. That's unacceptable in this day and age. To do such easy tasks manually.

In almost ideal situation I would love for this thing to work: you create in ACP a trial plan which lasts X days. You disable it so it wont show up on front-end page of subscriptions. And you add members to that plan MANUALLY via + button near that plan. Once you add a member the time starts ticking for him and after X days he is demoted to his old group. But for some reason if you manually add a member to a plan - he stays there forever.. 😕


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