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Quotes Aren't Being Retained


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Hoping someone can assist. A few of our forum members pointed out that then they try and quote someone's post that contains a quote, it only quotes the post that the person clicks 'quote' on.

So for instance if a post has 3 different quotes in it, if one clicks quote - none of those other quotes will be added.

Is this a setting that one can change or just a bad approach to nested quotes? I understand the intent of multiquotes, but no one wants to have to go select posts from pages back. How does one retain the quotes in previous posts when quoting that post? It seems like a massive issue to our users who had that functionality on the old platform, as you can completely lose track of the discussion going on.

Could someone perhaps advise?

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Far as I know you can select the text in the post including the quotes and a little box will pop-up with "quote selection" and that will include all the nested quotes. Why the "quote" button doesn't do that is beyond me.

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