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Set custom name for storage configurations


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I’ve added two storage configurations using the same Amazon S3 bucket but with different bucket paths, and it seems to work perfectly except that both configurations are named the same and hard to differentiate. Looking at the code, I believe the displayed name is simply the name of the bucket, which in my case is the same for both configurations.

It should be possible to set a custom name for configurations, or at least add the path, if set, to the displayed name, in order to make it easier (possible) to see which is which without looking at the source code.

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On 8/10/2019 at 12:01 PM, sound said:

yep, this is currently bit of a pain

are there any plans to sort officially?

or does anyone have a work around?

shouldn't be too hard resolving - just need to add the path yep?

any chance invision?

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