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Link forums read vs unread


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Its difficult to decide which is best for these as both are suitable.

The slight, and it is very slight, I'm not even sure I'd call it a bug really is the 'link forum' such as the Contact Us we have here now, shows as "unread"

The issue is you cannot click the forum 'icon' to make it read (as you'd expect as there's nothing to read, so in that regard it is WAI and not a bug) , however if you mark the entire site as read then it appears in a lighter shade. A quick combi pic illustrates this best:


I'd like to suggest that it is made clickable to mark it 'read' simply so it does not (for want of a better phrase) catch the eye so much.

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I wanted to expand on this slightly, to avoid a new topic as its related due to it being a further point on link/redirection forums:

My new suggestion here is there should be an option (a checkbox would be perfect perhaps) to give the option of "Display Redirect Count" or not as the case may be,

Although you can manually 'chop it out' so to speak, that's not ideal and there are cases where some redirects you'd want it and some you do not. It does not always add relevance to have the counter displayed.


I was thinking of placing the checkbox to the right of the 'count' numerical area or perhaps a yes/no above the 'Pass protect' option. 🙂

Thanks! 😄

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