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Mass delete members in validating group


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13 hours ago, GlenP said:

ACP- System- Login & Registration. On the Registration tab look for the option to remove unvalidated members after X days.

It's already set to 10 days and i still see people from 2018 😞 image.thumb.png.e774ec87e2795c5a1f55d6f1507437fd.png


Problem with current users are from spam validation members. They don't get deleted and need multi-select option to selection ALL option for it. 


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Are these accounts being flagged as spammers? We dropped admin approval after 14 years when 4.x came out so I'm not familiar with it now.

If they are flagged, do an advanced search in ACP-Members using the cog wheel on the right. Leave all the fields open and when the search is completed, select the Spammers filter 1244091121_Screenshotfrom2019-03-1321-16-06.png.5ae167f123c655ffd09dab276c690547.png

then use the Prune tool below it to get rid of them.

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