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suggestion: sitemap ping google time -lower 24hr limit


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A suggestion that the ping times for the system to ping google ref sitemap updates is cut from 24 hours to a more frequent interval -  say 2 hours for a busy site?

or make it a variable rather than the current hardcoded 86400 seconds

google it appears doesn't currently recommend any period for pinging - seems the ideal is to ping when content updated


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At least at one point, Google did not allow the sitemap URL to be submitted more than once.

That said, if you've added your sitemap in Webmaster Tools it's irrelevant anyways. Google will crawl it as often as it feels it should, and will prioritize this over the URL being "pinged". In short, I don't really think this makes any difference in the end. The lastMod property in the sitemap files is more heavily relied on to find new content, along with Google's algorithms as to how often your site/sitemap should be crawled based on its size, activity and popularity.

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