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8 hours ago, Priyesh said:


I only see the option to mention on before post control and after post control settings. It does not work for before, after and instead of username.

This is probably because you have a theme customizations. Do you use a custom theme? Send me a PM with a link to your community please.

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This looks interesting. Is it possible to have it use an @ icon instead of say "Mention" @Ilya Hoilik

Here's what it looks like when a member posts. Instead of the words "Quote," "Edit" etc, they are icons.

You can see I am having trouble with the Give Points text being an icon as well. I don't know how to change it to an icon, and fear the mention option will also be the word and not an @ symbol 🙂

If you can help me with this I'd be interested!


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1 hour ago, breatheheavy said:

Is it possible to have it use an @ icon instead of say "Mention"

"Mention" is a regular language string. You can change it in the Languages section of AdminCP.


1. Go to AdminCP -> Languages -> Localization -> Languages, select your language and click the Translate button at the right side.

2. Type "ctm_mention_controls" into the search bar at the top.

3. Find the appropriate row and enter whatever you want in the textarea.


For example, you can use this code to display it like a button:

<button class="ipsButton ipsButton_light ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_narrow cMultiQuote"><i class="fa fa-at"></i></button>



Note that code may be different based on your custom theme. Send me a PM with your community URL and I will assist you.

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Hello! If selected "Instead of member name" in "Link position", then everything works well in the full version of the forum, but in the mobile version, when you click on a nickname, you go to the person's profile, and do not mention him ...

IPS Default theme

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Hello, contacting the telegram was unsuccessful, and I did not immediately find this topic. I was expecting an answer on how to contact you, and not a mention of the fact that the review is useless. I would agree with you if the plugin had settings for its correct operation and I was wrong somewhere. But in my case the plugin doesn't work as expected, mentioning in username mode doesn't work. YouTube video.

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