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Automatic admin logout issue

Black Tiger

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I'm a bit fed up with this. Is this a bug or can the automatic admin timeout be adjusted somewhere?

When logged in to the admin cp, sometimes I can work and sometimes click on things for a bout 20 minutes or so. When not busy, I'm automatically logged out. So far so good.

But sometimes I'm even getting logged out when busy with things.

I was busy editting the custom.css to add fontawesome icons to my forum. I have 64 forumsparts on my forum so it took somem time to put them all in the custom.css but I was typing in it.

Then I clicked the save button, and.... yes thank you... got the login screen in front of me. Had a look at the custom.css and all changes were just gone. An hours work for nothing.

I'm using other icons now, but why is the admin cp loggin me out when I'm working in it? Is there a way to disable this or change the auto logout time for the admincp?


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The ACP session is kept open on the server side. While you are typing away on the client side, the server is oblivious to that fact.

If you spend 20 minutes typing loads of stuff in the front-end, but the ACP is going to time out after (example) 15 minutes then you are going to get logged out.

You've learned the lesson - if you are going to be editing css, be prepared. Same goes for areas that involve the text editor.. But if you are clicking around and changing pages....server is aware of that because it is responding to your action.

Hence why I've always got a Notepad++ session open 😉


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Yep thanks, as said I normally also have a notepad session open to do things. Normally I type that fast that the Admincp does not get the chance to close.

I think the problem is also a bit that I'm used that the admincp kept open on my old forums. Could disable that via the Admincp or change the timeout via a hardcoded file change.

Any way I can disable the auto logout? Or adjust the timeout to a longer period (for example 30 minutes or an hour)?

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