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Nothing much we can do other than tell you why it has gotten to that point....

When you paste a url, the editor and IPS code send that request from your server out to the target site to see if it is embeddable.

The error displayed is shown with the use of the 'embed__fail_500' languagestring.

This string is called in 3 situations:

  1. When the http response code from youtube is not 200, and is also not a 404 (not found), 401 (auth required) or 403 (forbidden)
  2. If a connection error getting to youtube occurs
  3. An error has occured within IPS code when trying to generate the embed code based on the response from youtube

To determine what is going on, you are going to need use the web developer console (usually F12 in the browser) to determine what the response is from youtube to the request that is being sent by the editor....once you know the response, you'll kind of know which of the above 3 is the issue.

If you want more help then you are going to need to post your site URL so that someone can sign up and test it out themselves.

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