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Special scenario for subscriptions

Chris Trotzky

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Hi folks,

As the support couldn't help me, I like to ask you, whether you have an idea on how to realize the following scenario. For my business care, this is so critical, that I might need to close my Invision community. So help would be very appreciated as I love the platform.

  1. Guest use is not allowed (as I like to move people to my mailing list)
  2. Registration must be available for free (as I offer freebies in my sales funnel)
  3. Within the community, it must be possible to buy subscriptions
  4. On an external website, people must be able to buy subscriptions without interruptions (don't want to lose customers)

Requirements 1 to 3 are implement are working very well. But implementing step 4 is not possible: If I enable mandatory subscriptions on regisration, I lose requirement 1 and 2. If I move the potential customer first to the registration form without a subscription, then I lose requirement 4.

Any ideas how to configure it? Maybe when using the API?



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Hey Chris, welcome to the community. Some questions for you. 

1. Do you want to allow guests to browse? But you require registration before they can post, correct?

2. That's fine. Registration is usually free.  

3. That's fine. You can offer subscriptions through the Commerce application.

4. Are these external subscriptions different from your community subscriptions? Do the external subscriptions impact the membership permissions of the community? 

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