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New Tab/Feature for Clubs | "Links"

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A club moderator on our community wants to create a tab populated with links to useful internet resources, without users needing to download a document or having a pinned/locked post on a forum with clickable links.

The idea would be to have something similar to a 'files' tab: each entry ('upload') would have the live link without needing to go to a 'download' type page, but as with resources, each link could have a screen shot of the website and a brief description of the resource visible.

In this way, the user can find suggested resources easily in a dedicated tab, and would minimize the number of clicks needed to open those new resources (there could also then be the option for the moderator to choose whether the link opens in a new tab or not, as in the menu manager in the AdminCP).

While I have not seen such a structure in other communities, I thought the idea was interesting enough to post here - and for clubs, could be a very compelling feature for club moderators/leaders.


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Perhaps ... but as a non-profit religious organization, we need to be cautious with anything that could allow club owners to 'promote' a business. Thank you for the suggestion! My preference in a perfect world would be to have this type of functionality built-in ... 

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