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📧 Block Disposable E-mails


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16 minutes ago, AlexJ said:

Possible to add option so that if IP is proxy it blocks user or registering the user? 

That seems a bit out of scope for this add on, yet here's something that claims to do this:

Though, it seems that add on also blocks disposable emails using a different mechanism. @Makoto's version uses Kickbox, while the one above uses valdator.pizza.

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It's been a while since I last checked the list of members with disposable emails in our community. Right now we have 29 pages of users with disposable emails.

My suggestions:

  • In the "Members with disposable e-mails list, add a new column: number of posts
  • An option to bulk prune all users with disposable e-mails, ideally with an option to set the number of posts, so, for example, we can safely purge all accounts with 0 posts. This could be added either in the screen mentioned above or at the main Member > Members > [gear icon] path
  • In the list mentioned above, the links to the users' profile is incorrect. Where it is "&do=edit" should be "&do=view".


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9 hours ago, Thomas P said:

@Makoto Just a quick question to make sure we are on path: 
Does your app support PHP 8. Is it safe to upgrade to v8?

At the moment I haven't done any testing on PHP 8 yet.

I'll get PHP 8 running on my development server and run some tests this week and make sure everything is functioning properly!

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Testing shows there are no existing compatibility issues with PHP 8.0, but there are a couple minor/non-breaking bugs that will be addressed for IPS 4.6 in the next release.

This update has already been submitted to the marketplace, but at the moment updates are taking up to 1-3 weeks to be approved by IPS, so there may be a bit of a delay before the update is officially available.

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