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    • By Ricsca
      is there a way to set the number of emails to be sent per day based on your server limits?
      Thank you
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will restore a feature from IP.Board 3 which allows admin to choose if wants to send bulk mail to ALL members or to members who opted to receive news and information.
    • By jesuralem
      It seems that the links in thenotification e-mails my forum sends are broken.
      For instance : https://www.plongeur.com/forums/topic/66857-coronavirus-covid-19/?_se=amVzdXJhbGVtQGhvdG1haWwuY29t&do=findComment&amp%3Bcomment=1378140 ends up in a "we couldn't find that topic" page with error code "2S136/C".
      I believe this is since 4.6.6 update but can't be sur eas i dont personnaly use e-mail notifications.
    • By Makoto
      Completely block registrations using disposable e-mail addresses and prompt the user to use a real e-mail address
      Scan and identify which of your existing members are already using disposable e-mails
      Request (or force) existing members with disposable e-mails to update their account before gaining site access
      Allow members to register with disposable e-mails, but log them for review in the AdminCP
      Prevent members from changing their e-mail to a disposable one in the settings panel
      Block members from registering multiple accounts under the same e-mail address by abusing Gmail Aliases
      Log and view a list of the most frequently used disposable e-mail services on your community
      Indisposable is an application that helps protect your community by blocking registrations that use disposable e-mail addresses.
      Why are disposable e-mails bad?
      Disposable e-mails are not inherently bad, but they should not be used for registering accounts on platforms such as IPS.
      Foremost, they present a significant security risk for your members. These e-mail accounts are publicly available to anyone and everyone with no password required. That means if someone registers for your community with a disposable e-mail address, anyone else who also uses that disposable e-mail service can see this and could completely take over that persons account.
      Second, disposable e-mails are commonly used for abusive purposes, as they make evading bans much easier. Instead of the user having to go through the lengthier sign-up process for a new e-mail account with GMail or so on, they can generate a new throwaway e-mail in seconds.
      How is this different from just manually banning disposable e-mail domains?
      Disposable e-mail services actively fight against people doing just this by registering cheap alias domains to tie to their service whenever one gets too much attention.
      On our test community with roughly 100,000 unique members, we have logged over 1,000 unique disposable e-mail domains.
      Trying to keep up and block these manually is not practical. That’s where Indisposable comes in.
      Indisposable uses Kickbox’s industry leading e-mail validation services to instantly identify and reject disposable e-mail addresses, requiring no additional work on your end.
      This application only validates e-mail domains. That means if a user registers with “john@example.com”, all we do is verify that “example.com” is a valid e-mail domain. Your members actual e-mail addresses are not collected or sent to any third-party, ever. Period.
    • By Sonya*
      Is it possible to create such blocks with IPS onboard functions? Text and image should be customizable by someone who does not know any HTML or CSS. 

      Ideally, the result should be importable into IPS like block templates.
      Note: I can HTML and CSS but, the user cannot. Additionally, he is on the Starter cloud and cannot import any custom plugins. 
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