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    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will restore a feature from IP.Board 3 which allows admin to choose if wants to send bulk mail to ALL members or to members who opted to receive news and information.
    • By Adlago
      When composing a message and using the "Insert an existing attachment" feature, if you choose to go to a page of your choice at the bottom ( Page 1of 99), and after clicking Go, the site's home page and default skin open. See the image.

      If pages with attachments are opened with a choice of 2,3,4, etc. no issues.
      The same action in an editor, for example in a forum post, works correctly.
      Is this just for me or is it an bug in 4.6.8?
    • By shahed
      Legend Blocks is Powerful 40+ Templates for creating Blocks and Widgets + 1 Special "Page Builder" Template. It is also come with a plugin Contain some setting to customize the view of blocks and page builder. Basically you can now create blocks with these new templates (through Pages app Block management) and then use them in all around your community (with IPS sidebar manager) customize the look of those blocks through Plugin settings, and If you want to Create an Index Page for your website, you also can use Special "Page Builder" Template for a new Index page. Special "Page Builder" Template also have it's own settings and you can use it in variety of ways.
      Demo 1 / Demo 2 ...
      Templates: Contains currently 40+ templates (Regularly updated and added more) for creating Blocks for your latest articles, news, reviews, topics, files, posts, comments, events, images, albums and ... It's also includ a "Page Builder" template, that can be used for creating Index Pages and this template also have its own plugin settings.
      Note: Usage of this product requires IPS Pages Application.
      Note: Usage of this product requires IPS 4.5

    • By Ricsca
      is there a way to set the number of emails to be sent per day based on your server limits?
      Thank you
    • By jesuralem
      It seems that the links in thenotification e-mails my forum sends are broken.
      For instance : https://www.plongeur.com/forums/topic/66857-coronavirus-covid-19/?_se=amVzdXJhbGVtQGhvdG1haWwuY29t&do=findComment&amp%3Bcomment=1378140 ends up in a "we couldn't find that topic" page with error code "2S136/C".
      I believe this is since 4.6.6 update but can't be sur eas i dont personnaly use e-mail notifications.
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