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Registered Member Can't Post Without "Moderator Approval"


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I've been waiting for a member of my community to log back in but maybe someone here can help me out with this problem.

I was running 4.2.3 (before I upgraded yesterday to 4.4.1). Anyways, a new registered member had validated his account, tried posting, and every time he posted a message or created a new topic, everything he posted would be marked as "moderator approval needed". Despite some heavy investigating, I couldn't figure out why that was happening. This member had no penalties on his account, he had never been warned and had no account restrictions. I even created an alternate account for him and the same issue kept presenting its ugly head. No matter what account I created, even pre-validated accounts whose members had been inactive for years and never posted a thing, every time he posted something, his messages always required "moderator approval" when there were no restrictions that would have warranted that.

The thing is, none of the forums he posted in were marked with restrictions and when I logged into his account as admin, I didn't experience the same "moderator approval" that he was experiencing. I started thinking that maybe it was his IP address but that would have blocked him from accessing the site and no investigation I found turned up anything and I'm more confused about this ... I don't what you would call it ... but, I'm calling it a gremlin because I think it's affecting another registered member on my community. I checked and double checked the permissions on his account/accounts, the warnings on his accounts (which there were none) and even the forum privileges for each forum and even his usergroup.

I'm sort of at a loss and my last resort is to open a support ticket and see if they can hunt down this problem. But, I could use some advice if anyone has seen this happen before and if so, is there a solution or fix to it.

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I'll try that and see if it still throws these two members into moderation. I hope that this fixes it. Is this a new feature that was added after IPS 4.2? Only question I have is that will enabling bypass content moderation over-rule anyone who is on individual 'moderation approval'?

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