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You add a global custom product field first. It must be “select” or “radio”. After that, you open the product settings and activate the option “Use different stock levels and prices depending on custom field values” to add the different prices. 

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Thx @opentype

Now it works completly. Last question (hopeful) - a bit complicated

I have a membership which cost 79 USD each month.

And people can buy a t-shirt with dicount when they sign up for membership. So I need to have these options:

A: Membership 79 USD / each month

B: Membership + t-shirt: 89 USD - and each month after only 79 USD

Option A is of course easy to make

But how do I make option B. So I get 89 USD now ... .and in the furture I only get 79 USD a month?

Thanks for helping

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