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Date display issues with Pages after upgrading to 4.0

Gabriel Torres

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We are facing an issue here with the display of dates after upgrading to 4.0. See if you can help me.

He have the problem both in Pages and in Forums.

In our Pages templates, we use something like this:



This is converted to:

<time datetime='2019-03-01T10:25:00Z' title='01-03-2019 07:25 ' data-short='4 dy'></time>

If the article is older, the date shows up fine. However, if it is newer article, where the relative date would be used, the date is displayed blank at the front-end, even though the HTML is the above.

Upon further inspection, I see this is also happing in the Forums, so it isn't relative to Pages. Wherever the date is relative to "days", it isn't showing up.

See screenshot.

Maybe this is a configuration issue?

I'd appreciate any pointers.




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