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Permissions to delete club's features


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Please add a permission WHO can delete club features. 

One of our leader has accidentally deleted a 3-years old club forum with over 5000 posts in it :sad: He does not have a permission to create features nor edit them, he cannot edit extra fields but he can wipe out content with only one click.

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There is indeed the permission for this but a bit weird:

In Club settings there is a section Moderator permissions within Clubs. When I uncheck "delete" there then Owners are not able to delete features unless they are empty (no items in it).

This was weird for me first as I though that moderator permissions apply only to the moderators actions. In this case the permission also controls permission for the owner. Additionally when I uncheck all permissions in club settings and save, then default set of permissions is saved instead. I have to choose at least one permission for them to be saved. Bug?

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