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Base user file uploads on tus protocol

KT Walrus

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I am working on using Cloudflare Stream for user videos on my site. Cloudflare Stream uses tus to upload the large video files to Cloudflare. I searched the web for a tus client implemented in PHP so I could add support for uploading video files to Cloudflare to my ICS4 apps. I found ankitpokhrel/tus-php GitHub repos that implements both a PHP tus server and a PHP tus client.

Researching this further led me to tus.io where you can find out everything about this protocol including an official implementation of a Javascript tus client at the tus/tus-js-client GitHub repo. Cloudflare and Vimeo apparently use tus

Seems to me that IPS should consider adding a tus file uploader/client/server to ICS4. Tus could possibly replace the existing Plupload JS, or maybe add a large file video/photo upload page available from a link in the user menu labeled "Upload Media...". This would give the user the ability to upload very large files similar to Plupload's Queue Widget using tus which apparently has full support for things like checksums, pause, and resume on a page that would allow the user to upload multiple files in batch (where the user identifies the files to upload upfront, starts the uploading process with the ability to suspend/resume/cancel if needed).

Hopefully, IPS devs can look into adding tus for file uploads in a future version of the suite and possibly deprecating Plupload or making it an admin choice as to which JS to use for file uploading by users.

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Turns out that the company behind tus.io are implementing a very nice looking photo and video uploader called Uppy at https://uppy.io.

This open source project appears to be in very active development, but looks very interesting and maybe something to replace Plupload:



After playing around with this, I think it will be great for uploading photos and videos on my site since it supports uploading from Google Drive, Dropbox, Webcam, and other places users might have their videos and not just on their devices. 

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