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Large board - storage issue


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We have an issue with our disk quota. Since we have upgraded to 4.3.6, enabled https AND switched on "Allow remote images?" and "Serve images from local server?" our upload folder is over 50 GB. This month we have nearly 10 GB in monthly_02_2019. And the monthly folder gets larger every month. 

Actually I just wanted to serve non-secure http image from local web server to avoid browser warnings. But it appears that everything is stored in our upload folder (also secure images, videos, PDFs and other files).

These are not attachments that blow out the folder, the settings for attachments size are very tight on our server. And if I see the attachment list there is very few of them in the whole lifetime. The whole size of attachments is really moderate. And this is not /uploads/proxyimage folder for insecure images that I mean. The latter is about 7 GB and is purged after 7 days. This is about everything else we seem to store as copy when user link it since we enabled "Allow remote images?". 

Do I miss any setting or does it work as desired? If works as desired, how do you solve the disk quota issue? Cloud? How expensive is it? We have about 6 TB traffic and over 50 GB in uploads right now. And we are going to get over 10 GB monthly if we do not change anything in settings.

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