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4.4.0 upgrade problem: stuck creating keys

Peter Wagemans

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The upgrade was a bit problematic on my server. First I had to upgrade to php7.1 on my Ubuntu 16 LTS server, which is not part of the main distribution (I wonder why).

After I tackled that, and PHP7.1 was running, I started the upgrade, and got stuck here:

InnoDB presently supports one FULLTEXT index creation at a time 

ALTER TABLE `core_search_index` ADD KEY `index_stream`...

No way to cancel out of the upgrade, just "retry" and "continue", whci made no difference as the error simply re-appeared.

Luckily, I found a workaround here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28666643/what-does-the-mysql-5-6-error-innodb-presently-supports-one-fulltext-index-crea



I changed the table engine from InnoDB to MyISAM i.e.

ALTER TABLE `core_search_index` ENGINE='MyISAM'; ..


After that, I pushed the retry button and the upgrade continued. Pfff.

I'm currently waiting for the reindexing to complete, and I guess I'll change the engine back to InnoDB afterwards.

It seems to be a bug in MySQL. I use v5.7.25-0ubuntu0.16.04.2

Just sharing this, for those who get in trouble like I did. This was a scary experience, even with backups.

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